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The School of Nursing offers a wide variety of learning formats. Some courses are taught fully in the classroom setting while others are fully online. Several courses offer a combination of classroom content and online format; these classes are considered hybrid. The online learning center has been developed to assist our students in participating in online coursework (whether hybrid or fully online).

Each of the programs that we offer will designate on their program pages which courses are fully online, hybrid online, or classroom only.

The UR School of Nursing provides the resources you need to succeed in your online courses. If you need help, and can’t find the right resource below, see us in person at the ITS Help desk, email, or call (585) 275-7500.

IT Services for Students


Blackboard will work best in the most recent versions of supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.
Please note, Internet Explorer is no longer supported.  Check your browser for compatibility with Blackboard

Please note that ChromeOS / ChromeBook is not a supported platform

Blackboard Issues

Check the resources below to update your browser or learn how to clear your cache, which can solve many glitches in Blackboard.

If you are still experiencing problems with Blackboard, try resetting your web browser.

Technical Requirements

Library Resources


The School of Nursing requires all matriculated student communication to be through the email assigned to the student ( address). You should be checking for important messages as you are responsible for the information in those communications. You may check this email by visiting Outlook Web App or installing the Microsoft Outlook client on your mobile device by referencing these step-by-step instructions:

If you need to access email on a mobile device please follow the instructions below:

Outlook for Android and iOS:

  1. Open the Outlook app and click on "Add Account."
  2. Enter your full URMC email address.
  3. At the next screen, you should see a URMC-branded login page, enter your email password and hit "next".
  4. Follow the prompts for Duo Authentication.
  5. After you log in you may see a pop-up saying “To use your work or school account with this app, you must install the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app." Tap “Go to Store” to continue.  Click on "Go to Store" to access the app store to install Intune Company Portal.  You do not need to do anything further once the app is installed.

Apple Mail:

  1. Open the Mail app, and you should see a screen that says, “Welcome to Mail”
    1. If you see email already go to Settings > Passwords and Accounts > Add Account then move on to next step.
  2. Tap on "Exchange."
  3. Enter your full URMC email address (and a description if you like) then tap on "Next."
  4. On the following screen tap “Sign In.”
  5. At the next screen, you should see a URMC-branded login page, enter your email password and hit "Sign In."
  6. Follow the prompt for Duo Authentication.
  7. Hit "Save."

Accessibility Statements and Privacy Policies

Adobe Accessibility Statement

Adobe Privacy Policy

AEFIS Accessibility Statement
(must be logged in to AEFIS)

AEFIS Privacy Policy

Articulate Accessibility Statement

Articulate Privacy Policy

Blackboard Accessibility Statement

Blackboard Privacy Policy

Browzine Accessibility Statement

Browzine Privacy Policy

CoursePoint Accessibility Statement

CoursePoint Privacy Policy

Google Accessibility Statement

Google Privacy Policy

Harmonize Accessibility Statement

Harmonize Privacy Policy

Microsoft 365 Accessibility Statement

Microsoft 365 Privacy Policy

NurseThink Accessibility Statement

NurseThink Privacy Policy

Padlet Accessibility Statement

Padlet Privacy Policy

Panopto Accessibility Statement

Panopto Privacy Policy

PlayPosit Accessibility Statement 

PlayPosit Privacy Policy

Qwickly Attendance Accessibility Statement

Qwickly Privacy Policy

SafeAssign Accessibility Statement

SafeAssign Privacy Statement

Twitter Accessibility Statement

Twitter Privacy Policy

Voicethread Accessibility Statement

Voicethread Privacy Policy

Yellowdig Accessibility Statement

Yellowdig Privacy Policy

YouTube Accessibility Statement

YouTube Privacy Policy

Zoom Accessibility Statement

Zoom Privacy Policy

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