Student Organizations

The University of Rochester School of Nursing supports various student organizations. Learn how you can get involved below:

Leading Students with Integrity (LIFT)

LIFT is a student-led initiative within the University of Rochester School of Nursing designed to provide opportunities for students to engage in learning and discussions related to leadership, advocacy and diversity. Read more about LIFT.

Street Outreach

Street Outreach is an organization run by University of Rochester School of Medicine and School of Nursing students dedicated to bridging the gap between the health care system and people experiencing homelessness in Rochester. Read more about Street Outreach. 

Rochester Black Nurses Association

The Rochester Black Nurses Association is a chapter within the National Black Nurses Association whose mission is to "represent and provide a forum for Black Nurses to advocate and implement strategies to ensure access to the highest quality of health care for persons of color." The UR School of Nursing sponsors the RBNA. Visit the RBNA website or email for more information.

Sigma Theta Tau Epsilon Xi 

The Sigma Theta Tau Epsilon Xi Chapter was founded at the University of Rochester School of Nursing in 1979. The chapter is committed to supporting nursing scholarships through grants, co-sponsorship of conferences and other activities. Read more about Sigma Theta Tau Epsilon Xi.

Nursing Students for Sexual & Reproductive Health

Email Kim Olfano at to stay informed about future meetings and events. Faculty Adviser: Luis Rosario-McCabe.