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Abayneh Walie, RN

Walie Abayneh

Abayneh Walie, RN

Student, RN to BS Online Program
Level III RN, Adult Admission Unit, Strong Memorial Hospital

Abayneh Walie became a nurse six years ago to pursue his passion for helping others and to enter a field with job security. He earned his associate's degree at MCC and is currently enrolled in the RN to BS Online program at the School of Nursing. Walie recently started working in the Adult Admission Unit at Strong Memorial Hospital after working in the Acute Rehab Inpatient Unit.

Why did you decide to pursue the RN to BS Online program?

URMC empowers people. Everywhere you go they empower you to go to school or get a higher level of roficiency. Also, the online programs at the School of Nursing are flexible.

"Pursuing my bachelor's degree is a critical milestone for my career."

As the demand of nursing professions continues to grow in the health care system, continuing my education and staying competent will be essential for my personal success. I definitely believe that having my bachelor’s degree will prepare me to meet the needs of nursing professional practices to provide critical medical needs of my patient.

How did the SON Tuition Grant impact your decision?

It's free tuition. That was a real advantage for me to pursue. It changed my mind 100%.

What’s your experience like in the RN to BS Online program?

From my advisor to my professors, they are great. It's a great school. The nursing field has endless learning. It doesn't matter how long you've been a nurse. I'm still learning. I'm confident with what I'm doing, but there's always new things to learn.

How has the Tuition Grant supported your goals as a nurse?

I used that advantage to pursue a higher education which gave me the opportunity to be competent at the bedside and to provide a higher level of care.

How have you been able to balance work and this program?

The main reason I was able to accomplish school at the same time as work was because of the program flexibility. All of the professors are great. They reach out to you, if you need any time off to submit your assignment. If you take two courses at time one semester, those courses you don’t take them at the same time. You can take them one after another. It’s not as stressful. You have the opportunity to submit your assignments anytime. It's also online.

Attending school with family responsibilities is challenging, however, pursuing my bachelor's degree is a critical milestone for my career.

Any advice for other nurses considering going back to school at the School of Nursing?

UR School of Nursing has student support groups who are determined to provide support for nursing students to be successful in the profession of nursing.

If you do have an intention to become a competent, more valuable nurse reach out to your manager or leadership. UR School of Nursing advisers are also great resources to learn about the programs. Seek advice. It's a great opportunity.

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