Nursing Magazine

Nursing Magazine 2017V1

2017 Volume 1

Inside This Issue:

  • APNN student Raleigh Galbraith, a former NICU ‘miracle’ baby, shares a special connection with program co-director Patrick Hopkins
  • A look at the life-changing community health component of our NUR 377 class for APNN students
  • Master’s graduate Vehid Basic fulfilled a promise to his dying brother by earning his NP degree
  • MNE program’s inaugural grads address nursing faculty shortage sooner than expected
  • Alumni Profile: Christine Tebaldi, who helps to ensure that people get the emotional and behavioral help they need when disaster strikes
  • Faculty Profile: Jane Tuttle, longtime director of the Family Nurse Practitioner program, who retired after 40 years as an NP
  • Donor Profile: Barbara “Buzzy” Vallone, who continues to give back to her adopted home
  • And much, much more!