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Student Success Coach

Available to students in every program, the student success coach is a professional staff member within the School of Nursing that serves as an integral part of your support network.

Think of the student success coach as a compass to help guide you towards holistic and empirically-based resources that will empower your academic experience. Through one-on-one conversations, students are encouraged to connect with any academic, professional, or personal challenges that they are facing.

Overall, the student success coach can provide support with the following elements:

  • focusing on the overarching academic journey;
  • developing a growth mentality;
  • setting realistic and measurable goals;
  • guiding towards essential institutional support and initiatives;
  • and providing encouragement through positive affirmations.

Furthermore, the student success coach can help guide you towards an extensive network of individuals and colleagues that can assist with academic advising, specific course tutoring, and mental health counseling.

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Working with UR Nursing's Student Success Coach

Meetings with the student success coach can be either structured and scheduled, or impromptu and informal. Understanding that each individual is unique, the student success coach will employ a tailored approach in their role. The student success coach will be an advocate for your experience, empower you to feel in control of and accountable for your effort, and offer encouragement, support, feedback, and reflection.

At the conclusion of each meeting, the student success coach will work alongside you to identify individual goals, create or contribute towards an existing action plan, and develop purposeful strategies that reinforce any new or existing efforts.

Below, learn more about how to schedule an appointment and meet with the School's of Nursing's student success coach.

Dave F. Hoffman, PhD

Dave F. Hoffman, PhD

Student Success Coach
Pronouns: He/Him

As the School of Nursing's student success coach, Dave Hoffman connects with individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to help empower their experience and progress towards their academic, professional, and personal goals. Prior to his current role, Hoffman served in a variety of higher education professional roles where he worked with undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in fields ranging from engineering to veterinary medicine. In 2020, Hoffman completed a doctoral degree with a focus on the persistence efforts of first-generation undergraduate students. 

Opportunities for Discussion include: Student Advocacy, Growth Mentality, Goal Setting, Institutional Support, Positive Affirmation
Core Values:
Optimism, Kindness, Integrity

Frequently Asked Questions

You can meet with the Student Success Coach as often as you like! Regularly-scheduled meetings, check-ins, and drop-by sessions are a great way to stay connected with the Student Success Coach. Additionally, regular connection with the Office of Student Affairs can help keep you informed of events, programs, initiatives, and resources that can enhance your experience as a School of Nursing student.

At specific times or instances throughout the academic calendar, the Student Success Coach will reach out to connect with School of Nursing students via email and/or phone. Towards the beginning of your respective program, you may receive an invitation to meet one-on-one for a Chalk Talk conversation, which is an opportunity to draw up a game plan for foundational academic success. You may also hear from the Student Success Coach when there are unique events and programs available to School of Nursing students that could positively contribute to your overarching experience.

If a student receives an Academic Alert associated with a specific course, the Student Success Coach will contact them to provide any guidance or support that will encourage the student to be successful within that particular course and throughout their respective program. If a student is placed on Academic Probation, then that student will meet with the Student Success Coach at least once each semester until they have returned to good academic standing. Meeting with the Student Success Coach at least once each semester is one of the necessary steps to be removed from Academic Probation.

CAPS is the Center for Academic and Professional Success, which is an extraordinary resource for School of Nursing students. CAPS is overseen by faculty and student representatives committed to the academic success and professional growth of all School of Nursing students. Support services through CAPS are free to School of Nursing students and can be requested through self-referral.

Any student in the School of Nursing can meet with the Student Success Coach at any time throughout their respective program. While students on Academic Probation are required to schedule and attend a meeting each semester until they return to good academic standing, any student that wants to focus on their educational, professional, and personal growth can connect with the Student Success Coach.

In order to get the most out of your time with the Student Success Coach, you should be upfront and transparent with the challenges you are facing, and to provide details in terms of the tactics and strategies you have or are employing to be successful in your respective academic program. Additionally, it is highly encouraged to arrive on time for any scheduled appointments, and to send a notification, if possible, should anything come up that will prevent you from attending the meeting. Finally, it is important to keep an open mind regarding the utilization any potential skills, strategies, or resources that are discussed.

To schedule an appointment, visit the Student Success Coach’s Bookings Page to review upcoming dates and times available to connect. Alternatively, you can contact the Student Success Coach via email at or via phone at 585.273.1617 to schedule a time that works best. During business hours, feel free to drop by the office in 1W220 on the 1st Floor of Helen Wood Hall.

Schedule an Appointment

Open Office Hours: 8-9 a.m. or 12-1 p.m. Monday to Friday
(Available in-person, or via Zoom/Phone)

Helen Wood Hall 1W220 (1st Floor)
(585) 273-1617

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