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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The School of Nursing has been at the forefront of diversity, inclusion, and equity issues for nearly two decades and is recognized nationally for its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Group of diverse accelerated nursing students studying at the table.

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As members of the University of Rochester School of Nursing community, we recognize that there is a complex history and presence of discrimination and exclusion within our profession, institution, greater Rochester community, and beyond. We strive to be ever better. Therefore, we are committed to developing accountability practices and measures. Our missions of teaching, research, and practice aim to restore trust and confidence by addressing the complex health care challenges our region and nation face.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are catalysts for institutional excellence. Policies and practices must not limit opportunities for people on the basis of race or ethnicity or other protected characteristics, including ability/disability, creed, deafness, gender identity, language, religion, sex, and sexual orientation. We must act to ensure our School of Nursing community has equitable access to and benefits from opportunities across all missions: education, research, and practice.

The University of Rochester School of Nursing is dedicated to holding faculty, administrators, staff, and students accountable for cultivating an equitable, racially, and socially just culture. We have a personal and collective responsibility to create an environment where everyone feels safe, welcome, and supported. Therefore, we work to ensure our teaching, scholarship, and service embody the principles of equity, inclusion, and social justice. We welcome those committed to improving health care and becoming their best and healthiest selves to join us as we shape a brighter, more equitable, and just future for all.

UR Nursing's Strategic Plan

The School's strategic mission is realized through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Council for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Council guides efforts to promote and build a school-wide diverse, equitable and inclusive environment.

DEI Resources

Learn more about DEI work across the University and how the School seeks to empower faculty, staff, and students to become allies and advocates.

News & Stories

Diversity Events


The Crucial Role of Nurses in Driving Health Equity

Hear from Mitchell Wharton, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, CNS, as they discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University of Rochester School of Nursing. In this video, Wharton emphasizes that our efforts toward DEI must transcend representation. Instead, DEI efforts should empower individuals to courageously address disparities in health care and become fierce advocates for those who cannot raise their voices.

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Diversity Officers

Peter Bertoldo, MBA Contact Information

Peter Bertoldo, MBA

Staff Diversity Officer

Jonathan Wetherbee Contact Information

Jonathan Wetherbee

Staff Diversity Officer

Kristin Hocker, EdD Contact Information

Kristin Hocker, EdD

Faculty Diversity Officer

Maria Quiñones-Cordero, PhD Contact Information

Maria Quiñones-Cordero, PhD

Faculty Diversity Officer

Learn More

We encourage you to learn more about resources, and share your thoughts or feedback with the Council for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the School of Nursing.

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