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iPad Opt-Out Policy

As part of the iROC Initiative, accelerated nursing students and RN to BS students must have an iPad that meets the following qualifications:IROC logo

  • iOS version 17 or higher
  • 128 GB or more of internal storage
  • Logitech combo Touch or comparable keyboard case
  • 10.2" screen or larger
  • iPad Model Number (found on the back cover and in the Settings > General > About menu) of A2229 or higher

The School of Nursing will make the iPad and associated electronic course material available to you through the UR Tech Store and the costs will be included in your mobile device fee. These iPads are available at a discounted rate and will ensure that you have timely, uninterrupted access to the electronic course material developed by the School of Nursing as part of the iROC initiative.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity to ensure the best learning experience. However, you have the right to opt out and use a personal iPad, if the device meets the necessary qualifications above. In addition, if you choose to use your own device, you will need to provide remote management rights to School of Nursing to appropriately configure your iPad, including permitting notifications and updates related to necessary iROC coursework. Please note, too, that if you use your own iPad, we are unable to extend the same advanced security features as with our optimized devices.

Prior to orientation and the start of the semester, you will be required to complete our Technology Acknowledgement form and indicate your intention either to participate or to opt out. This contract outlines our iROC Initiative and technology plan, including device specifications, technology requirements, and terms and conditions.

If you have any questions regarding this initiative, the Technology Acknowledgement form, or your options:

Learn more about the iROC Initiative.

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