NLX 469 - Project Management

3 credits ( 3 didactic hours )


Course Description
This course explores project management concepts, techniques, and tools applied to healthcare projects and supports the development of a toolbox of strategies and best practices to plan, execute, manage, control, conclude, and evaluate projects. Learners will be able to identify tasks, task relationships, scheduling, resources, and stakeholders in a project. Teams, team building, problem solving, risk management, effective communication, ethical considerations, significance of inclusion and equity as guiding principles and framework of effective leadership strategies will be discussed to increase likelihood of project success. Course activities will focus on assigned readings and lectures, case studies, class participation, individual assignments, development of a capstone proposal and a final project plan.  Students will develop a capstone proposal for a project design, a project implementation, a project evaluation or a quality improvement project, as the first step in preparation of a summative capstone project.



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