NLX 476 - CNL Immersion Experience

3 credits ( 3 clinical credits )

NLX 475, or permission of the instructor. The course is not open to non-matriculated students.


Following successful completion of the formal clinical nurse leader (CNL) didactic/ role synthesis course, this field immersion course provides the student with an opportunity to implement CNL clinical leadership practice in the context of complex micro-, meso-, and macro-level system relationships in a chosen healthcare setting. Through a variety of leadership experiences, precepted by an experienced CNL or other health system leader (e.g., advanced practice nurse, nurse educator, division director) in daily practice, the student is exposed to, observes, interacts, and collaborates with staff, interprofessional teams, leaders, patients, and family members across system levels and organizational boundaries throughout the processes of health care delivery. Any form of nursing or system intervention that influences healthcare outcomes for individuals or populations, including the direct care of individual patients, management of care for individuals and populations, redesign of care environments, administration of nursing and the healthcare organization, and the development and implementation of health policy are relevant experiences for the CNL student.

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