NSG 329 - Culture, Health and Diversity

3 credits ( 3 didactic hours )


In a rapidly changing world, health care professionals are facing important challenges in meeting the health care needs of culturally diverse populations. In order to meet these challenges, health care professionals must understand and respect cultural traditions, medical practices, and inherent needs of individuals and communities they serve. Various theoretical approaches will be explored to assist students in determining how to interact effectively in providing care for their culturally diverse patients and families. Concepts derived from anthropology and cross-cultural research will provide a perspective from which to understand the ways culture can have implications for health and health care. This course is designed to help students explore, understand, and appreciate the challenges posed by culturally and ethnically diverse patient populations and to recognize cultural dimensions of problems that occur in health care contexts between health care providers and patients and their families. The goal is to help the learner understand human differences, preferences, biases, and stereotypes in order to foster the development of awareness, sensitivity, knowledge, and competence required to provide affirmation of the diversity they encounter in health care institutions and practice situations.

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