NUR 372 - Beginning Medical - Surgical Nursing

4 credits ( 1 didactic hours / 1 lab hour / 2 clinical hours )


NUR 362 Health Assessment in Health and Illness, Professional Rescuer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification, NUR 370 Pathophysiology/Pharmacology


Therapeutic Interventions I is a clinical nursing course. This course focuses on acquisition of fundamental nursing skills and the application of the nursing process to provide and document client care. It is designed to also provide the student the opportunity to incorporate concepts and skills learned in Health Assessment in Health and Illness. It provides the student with a foundation for delivering therapeutic nursing care and interventions to individuals, families, and groups from diverse populations. In this course, the student will apply this learning in various practice settings to care for diverse consumers including individuals and families desiring health promotion as well as those experiencing alterations in health.

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