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NLX 422 - Health Assessment for Nurse Leaders and Educators

3 credits ( 2 didactic credits / 1 lab credit )

  • Masters - Clinical Nurse Leader - 3.0 credits ( 2.0 didactic hours / 1.0 lab hour )
  • Masters - Nursing Education - 3.0 credits ( 2.0 didactic hours / 1.0 lab hour )


The course focuses on assessment of patients at an advanced level, building on undergraduate health assessment competencies, and provides the theoretical and clinical foundation for comprehensive assessment of the health status of individuals and families across the lifespan. Learners will also begin to explore teaching and supporting health assessment findings of undergraduate students and RNs in clinical practice. Building on undergraduate assessment preparation, students will learn principles of interviewing, history taking, as well as advanced physical, psychosocial, and cultural assessments. The course will focus in depth on the assessment of the healthy patient or patient with common health problems within six major areas, including neurologic, HEENT, cardiovascular, respiratory, abdominal, and mental health. The course includes a virtual laboratory experience and a one-day, on campus intensive for specialty skill practice with an emphasis on clinical teaching.


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