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NLX 467 - Population Health

3 credits ( 3 didactic credits )


NLX 466 Epidemiology. This course is open to nonmatriculated students with permission of instructor.


The primary goal of this course is to introduce students to the principles of Population Health including an assessment of the current health system in the US, its successes and failures, as well as the underlying causes of those results.  Course discussion will include the Quadruple Aim of healthcare:  quality healthcare delivery (patient experience), decreasing costs, improving population health, and enhancing clinician experience. The course will explore measure of health outcomes, disparities across subpopulations in health outcomes, and the underlying causes for those disparities including geography, socioeconomic factors, race, and gender.  The following topics will be explored throughout the course: health beyond healthcare delivery, policies that impact both health and social arenas; current events in and out of healthcare delivery that impact policy decisions; solutions to improve population health by exploring both evidence-based interventions in the healthcare setting and in the community, as well as, financial solutions for value-based care.  Lastly, students will explore the importance of community engagement with community partners in order to develop relationships that impact improved population health outcomes.


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