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NLX 470 - Foundations of Healthcare Leadership

4 credits ( 3 didactic credits / 1 field placement credit )

56 field immersion hours


This course provides fundamental content in leadership and organizational behavior to assist students in individual leadership development and organizational awareness. Students explore leadership styles, behaviors and traits required to create and maintain high levels of individual and organizational performance. Leadership roles are examined from individual and interpersonal, and ethical perspectives, with an emphasis on effective communication. This course also provides students with a philosophical and theoretical framework of leadership by examining historical and contemporary theories, models and leadership styles. Students explore leadership effectiveness and its relationship to issues of ethical decision-making, power, influence, persuasion, motivation, employee performance and ethical decision-making. The course utilizes a highly interactive, mixed-method format that examines concepts and builds skills through on-line and in-class discussions, problem-solving, case studies, and role-playing. Students also have the opportunity to meet with and observe current health care business leaders from a variety of organizations.


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