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NUR 374B - Nursing Care and Health Promotion for Pediatric Clients and Their Families

3.5 credits ( 2 didactic credits / 1.5 clinical credits )


The Nursing Care and Health Promotion for Pediatric Clients and Their Families course introduces students to the pediatric nursing role and process when caring for pediatric clients and their families. Throughout the course, students will learn how to assess the pediatric population and their respective developmental stages. In addition, students will discuss health promotion needs of the client and implement evidenced-based strategies when providing care. Didactic, clinical, and simulation experiences throughout the course will provide students opportunities to apply assessment skills and clinical judgment when engaging with diverse clients and the health care team. 

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Utilize the nursing process when caring for pediatric populations and their families during developmental stages.

  2. Integrate community and family resources that promote health and development when caring for the pediatric client.

  3. Demonstrate effective, developmentally-appropriate, and professional communication across diverse pediatric populations and environments.

  4. Provide culturally and developmentally-appropriate, evidenced-based care to the pediatric client.

  5. Assess determinants of health and educational and safety needs of the pediatric client and their family to promote health and development.


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