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NUR 438 - Pediatric Primary Care II

6 credits ( 3 didactic credits / 3 clinical credits )

Graduate nursing students specializing in the care of children and families who have satisfactorily completed master level nursing research, pharmacology, NUR437 and all of its pre-requisites, and, for those in the neonatal track, Nursing 436.


This is the second of three clinical courses designed to prepare students for advanced nursing care of children and families within a culturally diverse society. The course has two major emphases: 1) beginning development of leadership and health management skills, and 2) development of competency in assessment and intervention strategies for children experiencing increasingly complex health, social and/or behavioral problems, and their families. Nursing, developmental, family systems, role, organizational, leadership and other theoretical frameworks are used to examine the impact of complex health problems on children, families and society. Students also use these foundations to build abilities to plan, implement and evaluate strategies and programs for promoting optimal outcomes for children and families experiencing acute or chronic illness or disability.


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