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NUR 457 - Practicum in Advanced Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role II

4 credits ( 4 clinical credits )

Matriculated into the Program NUR 460 pre-requisite NUR 463, NUR 471, NUR 477 pre or co-requisites


This course provides students with a forum to synthesize knowledge acquired throughout the curriculum and facilitates role and skill development for advanced psychiatric mental health nursing practice with clients and their families. Students build on prior competencies while applying knowledge of psychotherapeutic modalities and psychopharmacology in comprehensive treatment planning for clients. Students recommend therapy models and psychopharmacological agents based on current evidence and practice guidelines. Students provide client and family psychoeducation regarding evidence-based treatments and partner with clients and families in treatment planning with sensitivity to cultural issues. Students integrate legal and ethical considerations in clinical decision making. Clinical practicum seminars facilitate the integration of theory with precepted clinical practice. Case presentations and role-plays are utilized as integral components of seminar discussions. Students incorporate evidence-based resources in evaluating clinical performance and case presentations.


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