Spirituality Subcommittee

The Spirituality Committee is a subcommittee of the Council on Diversity and Inclusiveness (CoDI). It was formed in December 2012 in recognition that spiritual, religious and moral beliefs are related to health, illness, healing, suffering and dying. We also recognize that understanding these relationships as diversity issues promote an environment of inclusiveness at the school of Nursing. The goal of the Spirituality Committee is to promote knowledge and understanding related to these topics and to facilitate the sharing of experiences and ideas related to spirituality and faith.

The membership of the Committee is open to faculty, staff and students. 
Current members are:

  • Mary Dombeck
  • Kristin Hocker
  • Deborah Thayer
  • Leann Patel
  • Helen Arditi

At least one member of the Spirituality Committee also sits on the Council for Diversity and Inclusiveness (CoDI) to act as a liaison between the Committee and the Council.

If you are interested in learning more about the Spirituality SubCommittee of CoDI contact Mary Dombeck at 275-8898.

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