What does it take to be a UR Nurse?

Our students hail from across the globe and every state in the U.S. to pursue a nursing education at the University of Rochester. Many students balance full-time jobs and families, while learning new ways of thinking and practicing.

Because at their core, nurses care. Every day they improve the lives of patients at the bedside, in the classroom, or in the lab. Here, you’ll learn the skills and tools to become a better clinician, leader, educator, and researcher. You will help us lead the largest and most trusted profession as a UR Nurse.

Dillon Dzikowicz, MS-PhD Program

Dillon Dzikowicz

MS-PhD Program
Faith Lambert, MS-PhD Program

Faith Lambert

MS-PhD Program
Patti James, Health Care Management Program

Patti James

Health Care Management Program
Mary Starks, FNP to DNP Program

Mary Starks

FNP to DNP Program
Lynn Cole, DNP Program

Lynn Cole

DNP Program
Laurie Athans, CNL to DNP Program

Laurie Athans

CNL to DNP Program
Darrell Lamothe, APNN Graduate

Darrell Lamothe

APNN Graduate
Willow Olivares, APNN graduate

Willow Olivares

APNN graduate
Kyle Kameika, APNN Graduate

Kyle Kameika

APNN Graduate
Student's at St. Joes

Our students get involved in organizations that serve the Rochester homeless community, provide opportunities for growth in leadership, advocacy, and diversity, and ensure access to high quality care for persons of color.  

Students using whiteboards in class

Take advantage of our network of student support services, from stress management, peer mentorship, career coaching, and one-on-one instructor support.

Students using whiteboard in class

We center academic innovation on the appreciation that learning occurs everywhere. Our graduates are widely recognized as leaders who are well prepared to excel in a changing health care environment. 

Students using whiteboard in class

In lab, clinical, or the classroom, you’ll learn alongside health care professionals who will help you discover and pursue the endless opportunities in nursing preparing you for success in your career and program.

Students in funny hats at commencement

Meet like-minded nurses who value equality of opportunity, diversity, inclusivity, and honest, respectful examination of ideas.

Students at graduation ceremony

The School’s commitment to diversity aims to create a welcoming learning environment and a more culturally sensitive and attentive health care workforce.