Digital Learning

Today, we remain committed to leveraging technology to redefine and transform nursing education. While other institutions struggle to reimagine their classrooms and transition their instruction methods, the School of Nursing is poised to continue providing the adaptive, innovative education we always have.

In recent years, we have intentionally and thoughtfully expanded our use of technology and experiential learning to shift the classroom experience toward more enriching and more active learning for our students; to enhance student-faculty and student-student interaction, support, and collaboration; to revitalize and redefine course development, delivery, assessment, and feedback; and to improve access for a more diverse student population. 

To achieve this and promote the most immersive, active learning experience, we have adapted our course designs and modalities to meet the unique characteristics of our programs. Our digital learning environments center on the same collaborative tools and educational resources we utilize in the physical classroom, which translate easily to virtual applications, and ensure our graduates are prepared with the digital skills and confidence in technology they will need to perform their best as clinical providers, researchers, educators, and leaders.

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