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Cam Dove

With a background in business, retail and real estate, Cam Dove has always felt his best when helping others. Inspired by friends who were frontline health care workers, he's ready to make an impact in a new way.

Cam Dove, nursing student, in white and blue nursing uniform, smiling at a camera
Each of Cam Dove's past jobs have had one thing in common: they've allowed him to help others and make a positive impact. He has worked in retail management and sales, and became a licensed Realtor in 2019. But during the COVID-10 pandemic, Cam felt inspired by close friends who were nurses as he saw them step up to care for the community in difficult times.

"I discovered I feel the best when I’m able to help others," Cam said. 

Last year, Cam turned his admiration into action. Having earned his first bachelor's degree in business, Cam's first step was to take prerequisites for UR Nursing's accelerated nursing program and see if he enjoyed them.

"I found anatomy and physiology to be fascinating, and the idea of caring for others during a time when there was such a shortage of nurses made me believe this was where I belonged," Cam said.

As he prepares to finish his degree in August 2023, Cam is enjoying his expanding his curiosity in new clinical areas. He's interested in working in an inpatient acute care hospital setting, and is fascinated by the certified wound care nurse specialty. Here's what Cam had to say about his UR Nursing and Rochester experiences.

What have you enjoyed the most about being at UR Nursing?

I’ve enjoyed our cohort the most! We have such a diverse group of students of all different ages, work experiences, and backgrounds that come from all over the globe. We truly care about each other; it doesn’t feel like we are competing against one another and we just grind it out. I’ve been out of the classroom for over a decade and it took a bit of time for me to find my way, but the 1:1 support I’ve received from faculty at UR Nursing has made such a positive impact in my experience here. 

What made the UR School of Nursing stand out to you when you applied to nursing schools?

Growing up in Rochester, I was aware of the University and its incredible reputation. Throughout previous careers, I have met several philanthropists that were UR alum and I found them to be quite inspiring. The UR School of Nursing was the quickest way to obtain a bachelor’s in nursing as my previous bachelor’s degree was in business. A close friend who went through the accelerated nursing program suggested I look at the prerequisites required. Overall, UR's program will allow me to obtain my bachelor of science in nursing sooner than any other program in the area.  

Favorite things about Rochester?

I was born and raised here in Rochester and moved away for about 6 years but returned to be with friends and family. One of my favorite things about Rochester is that we have so many unique local restaurants, there’s something for everyone! Rochester has a lot to offer if you’re interested in history, art and visiting museums. Personally, I would recommend checking out our local AHL team, the Rochester Americans, and Minor League Baseball team, the Rochester Red Wings. I also love that upstate New York has all four seasons (sometimes all in one day) and there’s always a festival or seasonal activity to do with friends.

Where can you most likely be found when you're not at school?

When I’m not in school, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our dog Gizzy. I love being outside and exploring local parks with the pup, hanging out in the pool, or making home improvements. I made sure to purchase a home within five minutes of my childhood best friend so he can bail me out when my DIY projects go dramatically wrong!

As a licensed Realtor, I enjoy touring homes with clients and observing the charm found in older homes scattered throughout Rochester. For the first time in my life, the Buffalo Bills are exciting to watch, so that keeps me busy during the football season. And then, Amerks hockey games fill the void when the Bills fall short.   

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