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Zoe Wilmot

For Rochester mom of four Zoe Wilmot, becoming a nurse is a way of giving back to the nurses who’ve made an impact on her family.

Zoe Wilmot, nurse smiling a camera

Becoming a nurse is Zoe Wilmot’s way of giving back to the nurses who’ve made an impact on her. 

Strong Memorial Hospital and Golisano Children's Hospital have played a large role in Zoe’s life. She delivered her four children here, and spent countless days and nights with her children at Golisano.

“The relationships my family and I created with nurses, doctors and staff left a huge impact on me and still impacts who I am today,” Zoe recalls. 

For most of her life, Zoe didn’t have much exposure to what it was like to work in a hospital, and never knew the full extent of what a nurse does. But that changed quickly when Zoe’s infant son was diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer, and passed away just before his second birthday. 

“The impact the nurses had on me, my son and all of my family was enormous,” Zoe says. “When my son passed away, I knew there was only one thing I wanted to do with the rest of my life and that was to become a nurse.”

Zoe knew nurses helped people, but didn’t fully understand the depth of their responsibilities until she witnessed it herself. 

“They made everything happen. They changed sheets, cleaned up accidents, got coffee, sat and chatted all while hanging chemo and diligently assessing their patients,” Zoe recalls.

As a Rochester native who already had a strong personal connection to University of Rochester Medical Center, Zoe felt at home when she started her degree here.

“When it was time to apply to nursing school, I knew the only place I wanted to attend was the University of Rochester,” Zoe says. “I feel very fortunate to have an institution of such high caliber in my hometown.”

Now, Zoe is pursuing her new career goal at UR Nursing and exploring what kind of nurse she wants to be when she finishes her degree in Summer 2023.


What have you enjoyed the most about being at UR Nursing?

The students, professors and support I’ve felt from everyone at the School of Nursing. The students in my cohort are some of the smartest, most driven and caring people I have ever met. 

I am significantly older than most of my cohort, but they have welcomed me into their lives and helped me navigate new technology, shared study skills and given me words of encouragement when I need them most. We have all walked different paths to get to nursing school and have varied life experiences, education and professional backgrounds, but the school fosters a sense of collaboration and teamwork that has bonded us in ways that have ensured our individual success.

How has UR Nursing’s partnership with URMC helped you? 

It is amazing to be at a school connected with a medical center. Our professors continue their clinical work while teaching to stay connected to the field in a hands-on way. We are being educated by leaders that have extensive education backgrounds,but more importantly, years of real life experience. Many have even attended the accelerated program and know what it’s like to be in our shoes.

What are your favorite things about Rochester? What places would you recommend to someone who’s new in town?

I love the feeling of community in Rochester. In general, it’s a friendly and welcoming city that is easy to move around. I always tell my kids that everything is 10 minutes away in Rochester and there will be no traffic. I love to walk in Mendon Ponds, Highland Park, historic neighborhoods and the Erie Canalway Trail that runs through most towns. My favorite place to do yoga and get a smoothie is at Breathe, down the block from Strong Memorial Hospital The Schottland Family YMCA is a great place to work out and take the kids to play. Browsing stores on Park Avenue makes me feel like I’m not too far from a big city. My favorite place to have a glass of wine is Living Roots. And renting a paddle board and floating around Canandaigua Lake is pretty spectacular too!

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