NLX 467 - Population Health and Program Design

3 credits ( 3 didactic hours )

NLX 466 Epidemiology. This course is open to nonmatriculated students with permission of instructor.


The primary goal of this online course is to introduce students to the principles of health promotion and program design. Through integrating principles of population health, community collaboration and mobilization, behavior change, cultural competency, and program design, students will be able to design organizational, clinical and community health improvement programs. The content of this course addresses ethical considerations in population health and program design as well as provides the student with insight into important health issues driving organizational care delivery and problems facing local and national population groups. It also provides students with web-based access to many of the resources addressing population health. The primary focus of this course will be on health improvement at the organizational and community level, however, clinical prevention at the individual level will also be addressed.

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