NUR 364 - Biopsychosocial Health Assessment of Individual and Family

3 credits ( 2 didactic hours / 1 lab hour )

Anatomy and Physiology I & II Course is open to matriculated and non-matriculated RN/BS students


This hybrid online course builds on previous courses in the bio-psychosocial sciences and focuses on techniques of history taking and physical examination in a cross-cultural context.  Using a systems approach, focused and comprehensive assessments of essentially well clients throughout the lifespan are addressed. Students will describe findings and differentiate normal from atypical or abnormal.  This course also focuses on the assessment of family violence, cultural and spiritual beliefs as they pertain to the meaning of health and illness, and End-of-Life (EOL) assessment for individuals and families. Students will explore the concepts of health promotion and risk reduction of major conditions, utilizing teaching strategies to address patient and family educational needs. Diagnostic reasoning and critical thinking skills are developed through analysis of the assessment data. A laboratory/clinical experience provide opportunities for students to integrate communication, assessment and problem-solving skills.

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