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Nurse Practitioner Programs

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Specialty

Nurse practitioner students who pursue the adult gerontology primary care specialty learn to diagnose and manage common acute and chronic primary health care problems for adults and older adults.

In this program, you’ll take on an advanced practice role characterized by health promotion, disease prevention, counseling, and teaching in long-term relationships with patients to optimize health, function, and quality of life.

Graduates of the Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program are well-prepared to work in a wide variety of settings, and are practicing in community health clinics, nursing homes, private medical practices, emergency departments, occupational health, and palliative care.

Degree Plan

To earn your master’s degree in adult-gerontology primary care you need to complete 45 credits and 672 clinical hours.

Professional Core

Course Title Credits
NUR 407 Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology 5 credits
NUR 401 The Writing Workshop 1 credit
NUR 403 Ethics and Public Policy in the Health Care System 3 credits
NUR 400 Research Principles for Evidence-Based Practice 5 credits
NUR 419 Advanced Pharmacology 3 credits

Clinical Specialty

Course Title Credits
NUR 410 Advanced Health Assessment 4 credits
NUR 411 Evaluation & Management of Common Health Problems 8 credits
224 clinical hours
NUR 414 Nurse Practitioner Procedure Lab 1 credit
NUR 444 Adult-Gerontology Primary Care I 8 credits
224 clinical hours
NUR 445 Adult-Gerontology Primary Care II 7 credits
224 clinical hours

Total credit hours: 45
Total clinical hours: 672