Nurse Practitioner Programs

Pediatric/Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program

Neonatal nurse practitioners provide advanced nursing care for low- and high-risk neonates and infants, as well as their families, in a variety of settings.

Graduates of this program are unique among nurse practitioners in that they are educated to provide both primary and acute care to infants.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner graduates from the UR School of Nursing are educated to work in all levels of neonatal inpatient care, transport, acute and chronic care; delivery rooms, and outpatient settings, with the majority practicing in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) across the country.

Degree plan

To earn your master’s degree as a pediatric/neonatal nurse practitioner you’ll need to complete 54 credits and 952 clinical hours.

Professional Core

Course Title Credits
NUR 403 Ethics and Public Policy in the Health Care System 3 credits
NUR 400 Research Principles for Evidence-Based Practice 5 credits
NUR 401 The Writing Workshop 1 credit
NUR 407 Advanced Physiology & Pathophysiology 5 credits
NUR 419 Advanced Pharmacology 3 credits

Clinical Specialty

Course Title Credits
NUR 412 Advanced Pediatric Health Assessment and Care of Well Children and Adolescents 5 credits
112 clinical hours
NUR 452 Pathophysiology and Psychopharmacology of Mental Health Disorders Across the Lifespan I 3 credits
NUR 437 Leadership in Advanced Nursing Care of Children and Families 7 credits
112 clinical hours
NUR 438 Advanced Care of Children and Families II: Management of Complex Health Problems 6 credits
168 clinical hours
NUR 439 Advanced Care of Children and Families III: Leadership in Complex Organizations 7 credits
224 clinical hours
NUR 436 Nursing Care of the High-Risk Neonate 3 credits

Course Title Credits
NUR 493 Comprehensive Examination 0 credits

Total course hours: 48
Total clinical hours: 616