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Courses and Resources


The UR School of Nursing offers undergraduate and graduate courses in academic writing designed for the discipline-specific needs of nursing students. These courses help our nurses learn the foundational thinking and writing skills necessary to effectively communicate, contribute, and succeed within their profession.

NSG 301: Writing with Confidence, Clarity, and Style

This three-credit course is required for students in the RN-BS program. NSG 301 can also be taken as a writing elective. This course is designed to help students clarify their thinking and writing processes to become more effective communicators in the workplace and academia. It is open for non-matriculated students and is an excellent foundational course for anyone thinking about pursuing an advanced degree and needing to refresh their academic skills.

NUR 401: The Writing Workshop

This one-credit course is required for all master’s students. It can be taken prior to matriculation and is highly recommended as a prerequisite for all other graduate courses. The purpose of this course is to help graduate students gain proficiency in academic writing, scholarly thinking, and the art of revising.

Writing Center Resources

Here are links to School of Nursing resources for writing support:

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