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Admissions Overview

Accelerated Program Students

We seek motivated individuals who are ready to uphold the values of the nursing profession and pursue an accelerated program of study.

Eligible applicants for the Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's Programs for Non-Nurses must:

Application Deadlines & Requirements

Our Accelerated Nursing Programs are designed to prepare individuals to quickly transition to a career in nursing. We accept a new cohort of accelerated students every semester* — in January, May, and August — with applications due:

  • March 1 for Fall semester start
  • July 1 for Spring semester start
  • November 1 for Summer semester start

Applicants must complete the online application and submit all application materials by the deadline. Required materials can be uploaded directly to the application system (official transcripts, letters of recommendation, resume, etc.). For details about specific eligibility and application requirements, see:

ABSN Admissions    Accelerated Master's Admissions

*24-Month ABSN program enrolls in summer ONLY. Accelerated Master's program enrolls in the spring or summer. 

Admissions Process

During the admissions process, we will meet with each applicant to better understand their academic strengths, life experiences, and ethical character to determine their potential to contribute to the nursing profession. 

Through that process, applicants will also be considered for other financial aid and scholarships designed to support their transition to nursing, including the UR Nursing Scholars program and merit scholarships. Accepted students will be notified of any awarded aid in their decision letter.

Decisions are typically released 10-12 weeks after the deadline. If accepted, students will have several months to complete any outstanding prerequisites, compliance and onboarding requirements, and register for courses to prepare to begin the program.

Admissions FAQ

Holistic admissions refers to the practice of evaluating applicants holistically, as a whole person, rather than solely by their GPA or test scores. We recognize that there is a broad range of factors that predict our applicants’ academic readiness, contributions to the cohort, and potential for success in our program and in their careers. Our holistic review process accounts for each applicant’s individual attributes, life experiences, and personal character, in addition to more traditional measures of academic achievement such as grades and GPA. This ensures that we are evaluating applicants equitably, with consideration of their unique qualities, backgrounds, interests, and skills.

Your transcripts provide part of the picture of your potential for success. In evaluating your transcripts, we look for indicators that you are prepared for a rigorous accelerated program, including your overall GPA and grade trends, your performance in foundational science and prerequisite courses, your history of course withdrawals or incompletes, and other academic patterns. Within the application, we also offer the opportunity to provide an additional statement to explain any challenges or extenuating circumstances that may have impacted your academic history, and to demonstrate thoughtful self-reflection on your plans for success in the accelerated program.

We require two letters of recommendation from academic or professional references. If you have graduated from your previous academic program within the last five years, one letter must be from an academic reference. If it has been longer than five years since you graduated, you may include letters of recommendation from either academic or professional references—but preferably one of each.

Your references do not need to be individuals within nursing or health care—however, they should be individuals who can comment on your maturity, academic ability, professional experience, personal character, and other qualities that make you a stand-out applicant. We are looking to assess how strongly you demonstrate desirable attributes, skills, and experiences, including:

  • leadership potential
  • values, goals, and motivation
  • resilience and adaptability
  • intellectual curiosity and initiative
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • self-awareness and maturity
  • communication skills
  • empathy and integrity

Good reference candidates include former or current professors, academic advisors, professional supervisors, academic or professional mentors, internship directors, or volunteer coordinators, for instance. If you are a recent graduate, we expect at least one academic reference. We do not consider recommendations from colleagues or coworkers, or from personal references such as friends or relatives.

We do not really transfer in specific courses from your transcript. We transfer in 79 credits regardless (with no notation of what they are specifically). You must then complete 49 credits here (residency requirement) for the total of 128 for the bachelor's in nursing. The prerequisites are not transferred in - we just need proof of completion within the correct timeline and with the correct grades.

Once we have your completed application, an admissions counselor will contact you to arrange an interview. Not all applicants are offered an interview, and those who are not interviewed will be sent a letter advising them that they will not be accepted to the program. The interview is required for admission, but does not guarantee admission. The interview can be in-person or virtual.

That is fine. You could be accepted to the program “pending successful completion of the bachelor's degree.”

Applicants will be notified of any awarded scholarships in their acceptance letter.

This includes whether they've been awarded any scholarships from the School of Nursing, including merit scholarships or full tuition coverage through the UR Nursing Scholars program. 

Separately, admitted students may also apply for financial aid by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA.) Learn more about financing the accelerated nurses program.

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