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Accelerated Master's in Nursing Program

Earn a bachelor’s in nursing in 12 months and then pursue a master's degree in one of the nationally-ranked nurse practitioner specialties.

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The Accelerated Master's in Nursing Programs for Non-Nurses empower bright and motivated students to become master-prepared nurse practitioners at a nationally-ranked university in upstate New York. College graduates may build on their previous health care experience to pursue a new career in nursing and specialize as nurse practitioners on a much shorter timeline.

Program Length

3-4 years

Complete ABSN in 12 months and master's coursework in 2-3 years

NP Specialty Options


Nurse Practitioner specialties

Application Deadline

July 1

For Spring 2025 program start


Upon acceptance to the program, Accelerated Master's in Nursing students gain admission to both the 12-Month Accelerated Bachelor's in Nursing (ABSN) program and the Master's Nurse Practitioner program in their chosen clinical specialty. Students will first earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 12 months through the Accelerated Bachelor's program. Upon completion, they will sit for the NCLEX-RN exam to obtain RN licensure and continue on to their master's degree.

For most students, we recommend applying only to the 12-Month ABSN to earn a bachelor's degree with a major in nursing in 12 months. This allows students to gain insight into each clinical specialty before deciding which specialty to pursue at the master's level. It also offers students a deep dive into the nursing profession and the health care industry through rigorous clinical experiences at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

For admission to the Accelerated Master's in Nursing programs, students must have earned a previous bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than nursing with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Because admission to this program is highly competitive and there are limited slots available, prior health care experience (professional or volunteer) relevant to the chosen nurse practitioner specialty is required.

Students may apply to begin the program in the spring or summer semesters with successful completion of prerequisite course requirements (21-24 credits).

If you're unsure of which program or specialty you should pursue, we encourage you to attend an upcoming event or contact an Admissions Counselor to discuss your options.

Pursue a new career as a nurse practitioner

Nurse Practitioner Specialties

Nurse Practitioner Specialties

We set the standard for nurse practitioners specializing in fields such as gerontology, acute care, pediatrics, and mental health.

Nurse Practitioner Specialties
Accelerated Nursing Students

Accelerated Nursing Students

Accelerated students bring diverse backgrounds and career experiences to the program. All share a desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Student Stories
Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY

Whether planning a move, or Rochester is already home, there's plenty for students to discover.

Discover Rochester

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Accelerated Prerequisite Requirements

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