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About Online Prerequisite Courses

How Do Online Prerequisite Courses Work?

Each Online Prerequisite Course from the University of Rochester School of Nursing is made up of a number of modules. Modules include interactive activities, video and audio lectures, discussions, readings, and helpful resources. At the end of each module, you will take an online test covering that material. The nature of the learning and testing varies from knowledge-based learning to applied learning. There are also assignments designed to help you learn the material. These assignments generally do not need to be turned in to the instructor unless you would like faculty assistance or feedback.

Course Length

All courses are self-paced and can be completed in between 4-12 weeks. The length of time to complete each course depends on the type of course and its requirements, as well as other individual considerations such as your learning style and schedule. If you begin a course on the first available start date, you have at least 12 weeks to complete the modules. You may finish sooner depending on your needs, speed, or availability, but we recommend beginning as soon as possible to ensure you can complete at the most comfortable pace.

You may register and begin at any time within the registration window and still meet the completion deadline. Keep in mind that on average, a 3-credit didactic course will require 135 hours of work, and a 1-credit lab course may require more coordination of experiments and greater time commitment for observation and analysis.

3-Credit Didactic Courses

Didactic courses are entirely online and asynchronous, which means you will work on your own time and at your own pace. Each course is comprised of 10 to 15 modules taught by a School of Nursing faculty instructor who is available for questions. Modules include interactive activities, video and audio lectures, discussions, readings, and helpful resources. Once you feel you have mastered the material, you will take a graded quiz at the end of the module and move on to the next one. There are no written papers, midterms, or finals.

1-Credit Lab Courses

Lab courses are self-paced, and comprise 10 to 13 session modules and experiments. To conduct hands-on labs in your home setting, you will purchase a kit from Science Interactive or the UR Barnes & Noble Bookstore, depending on the course and whether you are receiving financial aid. The lab kit includes all the necessary laboratory resources to complete every course experiment. Your School of Nursing faculty instructor will provide instructional support, and Science Interactive will provide technical support for every experiment. You will complete the lab via the interactive online modules. In each lab, you will begin by exploring the foundational knowledge needed to complete the experiment. Next, during the hands-on experiment in your home, you will complete your lab report electronically and upload pictures of your work. Finally, you will complete an evaluation which tests your knowledge. Your work will then be graded by your faculty instructor.

Grades & Transcripts

Course content must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST on the completion deadline listed in your course syllabus. Please be aware of of your course’s completion deadlines and grade submission timeline as detailed in your course syllabus. Lab courses will have earlier completion deadlines to allow for additional time needed to give feedback on lab reports.

After your grade is posted, you can order an official transcript to be sent to your school from the University of Rochester.

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