Nursing Education Program

Academics and Curriculum

This 35-credit program features a cohort format, so you can begin courses together with your peers and work closely with each other throughout the program. Your assigned advisor and course faculty will help you to determine the course schedule that best fits your career plans.

You can take one or two courses per semester. The hybrid-online format is designed to meet the needs of your busy schedule with early evening in-person classes and online coursework.

During the last semester, you will complete a capstone project, giving you practical, hands-on experience in teaching and learning based on your career interests.

MNE Program Courses

Course Title Credits
NUR 401 The Writing Workshop 1 credit
NUR XXX Nursing Elective credit
NLX 420 Theory & Evidenced Based Practice in Nursing Education 4 credits
56 clinical hours
NLX 422 Health Assessment for Nurse Leaders and Educators 2 credits
NLX 421 Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Pharmacology for Nurse Leaders and Educators 4 credits
EDU 497 Teaching & Learning in Higher Education 3 credits
EDU 581 Clinical Teaching in Health Care Professions Education: Teaching and Instructional Methods 4 credits
EDU 580 Foundations of Health Professions Education 3 credits
NLX 426 Curriculum Development and Course Design 4 credits
NLX 427 Assessment and Evaluation in Nursing Education 4 credits
NLX 487 MNE Capstone 4 credits

Total course hours: 33
Total clinical hours: 56