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RN to BS to MS (Clinical Nurse Leader)

The RN to BS to MS (Clinical Nurse Leader) program offers a flexible path allowing you to combine six credits toward your bachelor's and master’s degree from the University of Rochester School of Nursing.

Curriculum for RN to BS to MS (Clinical Nurse Leader) Program

Bachelor's Degree Portion

The first 32 credits are awarded automatically upon matriculation for all nursing coursework from an accredited diploma or associate’s degree program. The final 32 credits toward the baccalaureate portion of the degree must be completed at the University of Rochester:

  • NUR 350 RN/BS Transition: Reflective Professional Practice (4 credits)
  • Nursing elective (0-4 credits) and/or NUR 350 Variable portfolio credits (0-4) (must
    total to 4 credits)
  • NUR 358 Patient and Population Care Management (4)
  • NUR 354 Concepts of Leadership and Management (4 credits)
  • NUR 356 Population Health (5 credits)
  • NUR 355 Contexts of Health Care: Policy, Finance and Regulatory Environments (3
  • NUR 364 Biopsychosocial Health Assessment of the Individual and
    Family (3 credits)
  • NUR 401 Foundations of Scholarly Writing (1 credit)
  • NUR 400 Research Principles for EBP (5 credits)

The bachelor's degree is awarded when a student has completed 32 nursing credits at the University of Rochester, as well as 64 arts and sciences credits.

Master's Degree Portion

The student then continues on with the master's coursework in the Clinical Nurse Leader program having already completed NUR 400 and NUR 401.

Clinical Nurse Leader Program

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