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Why Choose Us for Your Online Education?

The University of Rochester School of Nursing is recognized nationally as an innovator in nursing education and a leader in teaching with technology at the university. Our online programs empower busy professionals to engage in dynamic, interactive, and effective learning activities anytime, anywhere.

We offer a variety of online and hybrid courses and programs to meet the needs of students who require flexible learning schedules, may live at a distance, or are excited about using the latest educational technology. 

Each of our online courses is designed according to best practices in online teaching which emphasize active engagement and maximize meaningful interaction.

What We Offer

Complete Online Programs

Complete online programs are designed to meet the needs of distance students or students who need a lot of flexibility in scheduling. All courses are fully online, with most of the instruction occurring asynchronously.

Online Programs with Short Residencies

Online programs with residencies are designed to meet the needs of students living at a distance. All courses in these programs are offered online. During most or all semesters, students will need to travel to campus for a 2 to 4 day residency. This innovative model provides flexible and supportive online experiences with rich, hands-on practice opportunities guided by our expert faculty.

  • Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program (MS and Post-MS) – This program features a combination of online courses with periodic short on-campus residencies. (NY state residents only.)
  • RN First Assistant course – This course combines one in-person simulation day where you will meet practicing RNFAs and RNFA students from around the country, online coursework, and the ability to complete your clinical hours where you live.

Local Hybrid Programs

Local hybrid programs are designed to meet the needs of busy working professionals in the Rochester area, who may need to work on their coursework on their own schedule.

These programs include evening and hybrid courses, which includes a blend of online coursework with occasional or weekly in-person class sessions. Most classes in this program have at least 50 percent fewer face-to-face meetings, supplemented with rich online interaction with course instructors and fellow students. Typical hybrid courses meet between 2 to 4 times per semester. Students taking multiple courses in a semester may have to meet more frequently.

Local Web-Enhanced Programs

The following local web-enhanced programs include hybrid online courses to benefit the learning experience. Courses feature a variety of learning activities — video lectures and feedback, multimedia discussions, practice quizzes, readings — to deliver engaging content in a lively learning environment, whether online or in the classroom.

Hybrid courses include a blend of online coursework with occasional or weekly in-person class sessions (often offered in the late-afternoon to accommodate a full-time working schedule). While these programs offer more flexibility than traditional face-to-face programs, local web-enhanced programs still require students to reside within a reasonable commute to Rochester, NY.

Online Prerequisite Courses

The UR School of Nursing offers a series of self-paced, undergraduate courses designed to prepare students for a nursing or health care programs. Prerequisites are available completely online.

Online Courses

Julie Apperson
Online learning is an invaluable resource for adult learners and individuals who live in rural communities. I found the hybrid aspect of U of R's program to be just the right mix for me. I have had many ‘real-time’ online discussions that felt just as personal to me as if we were in the classroom.
Julie Apperson, RN
Student in the Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program