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iROC and the RN to BS Program

The iROC Initiative was launched in the RN to BS Online program in 2018. As part of their mobile device and technology fees, students receive an iPad to complete interactive and hands-on online courses, ensuring students have equitable access to technology and IT support.

Getting Started with an iPad: Orientation

Students in the RN-BS program are nontraditional adult learner students. An asynchronous orientation provides the flexibility to learn about the RN-BS program and university at a time that is most convenient for them.

The orientation provides the student an introduction to the technology and applications that will be used within the courses. Students become familiar with the use and structure of Blackboard, individual course layouts, and perform such tasks as completing a quiz, sending email, and submitting assignments in Blackboard using the iPad.

The orientation process allows students to practice using the technology and the iPad provides mobile flexibility to store and take with them, allowing the students to complete reading, writing, or other assignments from wherever they are located.

Interactive Courses & Activities

The iPad provides faculty and students in the RN to BS Online program the ability to easily interact and connect. Faculty provide assignments that are designed to encourage student’s creativity using different applications, such as:

  • Zoom
  • VoiceThread
  • Adobe Spark
  • Panopto
  • Yellowdig

These applications allow the student freedom to express themselves in a way that is meaningful, interactive, and demonstrates their ability to discuss, analyze, and present information.

Faculty are able to easily connect with students via scheduled synchronous Zoom sessions or impromptu Zoom sessions to meet student needs and the mobility of the iPad allows students the freedom learn in different settings.

Assignments: Video Assessments

The iPad is an essential tool that is utilized by the students in completing different forms of assessment and helping students to capture information, analyze, and synthesize the information in an interactive and realistic format.

Students use the iPad to complete physical health assessments to meet course needs and objectives. Students can practice performing several different focused physical assessments. With the use of the iPad, the students record themselves demonstrating their physical assessment technique and then shares their recording with course faculty for evaluation, assessment, and feedback during the course. These focused assessments prepare the student for completing a final video recorded comprehensive physical head to toe assessment.

Assignments: Windshield Survey

The Windshield Survey is an experiential learning assignment that requires the student to travel into a community setting and conduct an observational assessment of the community.

Students observe the people, the types of buildings in the area such as single story or high-rise buildings, noting the condition of the buildings, asking:

  • What types of businesses are in the area?
  • What types of zoning residential, commercial, and agricultural?
  • Health care facilities, types of transportation, and resources available to those in the community.

With the use of the iPad, students can take pictures or video of their observations, look up local and state data to assist the student in completing their assessment and then the student can create a video presentation or word style document to complete the assignment and share with course faculty and class members for continued discussion and shared experience.

Access to Digital Technology

The RN to BS program has transitioned to a fully online program and the iPad is an essential piece of that technology. Students in the RN to BS program use an iPad which allows students the same access to Blackboard and course materials. Students no longer must reside within a certain area or distance from the school.

Through an initiative with a health care system downstate, Bassett Medical Center, the iPad provided equal access to all students from both the local and distance locations. The iPad allowed these students to ability to connect with one another, learn, and share their experiences, providing a broad and rich learning experience. All students are able to participate within each course, work together on group projects, and connect with both course faculty and student advisors.

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