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Lauren Lee, RN, MS

Lauren Lee, RN, MS

Registered Nurse Level III, URMC Urgent Care
Clinical Faculty for UR School of Nursing APNN Program
Master’s in Nursing Education, 2019 Graduate

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“After becoming a nurse, I realized that I enjoyed precepting new nurses and doing in-services on our unit. While considering my next career move, I realized that I wanted to be able recreate that safe space for future nurses, knowing that our patients directly benefit from better nursing care.”

What is your nursing background?

I am currently a nurse in the UR Medicine's Urgent Care Centers. Prior to that, I worked in the Medical Intensive and Progressive Care Unit at Strong.

What was your experience in the program?

I am fortunate to be a graduate of the Accelerated Bachelor's program in 2011, and now the Master's in Nursing Education program. The community at the SON is so supportive and really feels like "home" after all of these years. Throughout my education here, I have been lucky to learn from some amazing educators that really care about the students and patients we are caring for. The MNE program also includes classes at the Warner School of Education, so to be able to learn from experts in the field of education was a priceless experience.

Tell us about your capstone project: ePortfolio Program Design - Master's in Nursing Education program

The idea for my project in designing an ePortfolio for the Master's in Nursing Education program originally came from a paper I did in one of our classes that examined the way we as educators assess student learning. Portfolios are such a great way to both assess student learning and give institutions an idea of how well they are accomplishing their stated goals. As the School of Nursing prepares to introduce electronic portfolios into their programs, it was a perfect opportunity for me to use my knowledge to assist in the design. Participating in this project allowed me to be involved in an innovative school-wide initiative that I strongly believe will enhance the student experience and change parts of the culture in the school.

Plans after graduation?

This summer I will begin as a part time faculty in the APNN program here, which I am so excited for! I also have a special interest in increasing the education nurses receive regarding the transgender population, so I am actively seeking out ways to do that. The possibilities right now feel endless.

Advice for future students in the MNE program?

If you are interested in advancing your nursing career, but are not sure that a clinical degree is for you, a degree in nursing education might the path. If you like to teach and have a passion for helping new nurses or nursing students, strongly consider this program. This program not only teaches you how to effectively educate learners, but encourages you to examine the different aspects of nursing and education, and work to improve it. It is a wonderful experience, with incredibly supportive faculty.

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