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iPads in the Master's in Nursing Education Program

To better prepare our next generation of nursing educators, Master's in Nursing Education students and faculty scholars assist in developing, delivering, and evaluating iROC initiatives, further supporting transformational learning in the classroom.

Promoting Active Learning through ExamSoft

During the Fall of 2018 the School of Nursing began searching for technologies that could help promote active learning. Concurrently, we were exploring alternate testing solutions to our current LMS. After deciding the iPad was the best solution for our active learning needs, we searched for a testing solution that was supported on the iPad. Ultimately, we decided upon Examsoft because it was optimized for the iPad and helped empower our faculty to report and assess their teaching efforts.

Currently, we are using individual exam statistics to evaluate how well exams and individual questions perform. We use these statistics to determine if a question is fair or not and if it needs to be revised in the future. Additionally, one of our recent Master's in Nursing Education graduates worked on categorizing questions according to Bloom's taxonomy, nursing process, course and program outcomes, and question type in three medical surgical courses across the program. This has allowed us to evaluate if we are testing our stated outcomes and to ensure we are testing at the right level of Bloom's taxonomy for each course.

In the future we will be blueprinting all of our exams and will be able to report across the program on a variety of different categories, allowing us to better support our students.

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