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12-Month ABSN Academics & Curriculum

The 12-Month Accelerated Bachelor's in Nursing (ABSN) program features a full-time curriculum designed to prepare non-nurses to quickly enter the nursing profession. 

Over three consecutive semesters, students complete 49 credits, 90 lab/skills hours, and 650+ clinical hours to prepare to pass the NCLEX-RN licensing exam and practice as a professional registered nurse.

Students will need to commit an average of 32 hours per week to class or lab/clinical time. Students should also account for additional study time outside of class and lab/clinical hours.

Curriculum At-a-Glance

First Semester Second Semester Third Semester
  • 17.5 credits
  • 60 lab hours
  • 120 clinical hours
  • 17 credits
  • 30 lab hours
  • 180 clinical hours
  • 14.5 credits
  • 360 clinical hours

Clinical Rotations & Lab Hours

Students conduct clinical rotations across the street at the University of Rochester Medical Center, which includes Golisano Children's Hospital, Wilmot Cancer Institute, and Strong Memorial Hospital. Clinical rotations are conducted in small groups of 8-10 students.

Lab hours are completed in the school's new state-of-the-art experiential learning building. Experiential learning activities including simulation and hands-on skills activities to provide realistic insight into every aspect of nursing as students learn to:

  • interact with patients and provide the best care
  • build skills and confidence by making safe mistakes in a learning environment
  • solve clinical problems
  • communicate and collaborate within a health care team

To see a typical course schedule for the 12-Month Accelerated Bachelor's in Nursing (ABSN) program, visit the Course Schedules webpage.


12-Month ABSN Curriculum

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