PhD In Nursing student

PhD in Nursing and Health Science

Why Choose Our PhD in Nursing & Health Science?

The University of Rochester is the ideal place to be a PhD student.

The PhD in Nursing and Health Science program admits a small number of student to ensure that students receive close mentorship from faculty. From day one, you’ll receive assistance with coursework, grant writing, and every facet of your work — all of which allows you to learn how to make meaningful discoveries and innovations in a changing health care landscape.

Plus, full-time students are 100 percent funded with full tuition waivers and an annual cost-of-living stipend of $25,000.

The University of Rochester School of Nursing has a long history of research innovation and continues to pioneer new breakthroughs in nursing and health care research. We rank in the top 30 nationwide for research funding from the National Institutes of Health.

As part of a large research university and medical center, the School of Nursing engages in groundbreaking interdisciplinary research through collaborative partnerships with scholars and practitioners across the campus, region, and nation.

Likewise, our PhD students have a background in variety of disciplines, including:

  • social work
  • speech language pathology
  • other clinical health professions

Rochester, New York, is also a wonderful place to live as a PhD student. Make the most of our affordable, safe, and family-friendly community as you pursue your academic passions.

Applying to the PhD Program

To complete an application, create an account, complete all sections of the online application, and upload any supporting materials. See details on program eligibility and how to submit materials:

Program Eligibility & Application Requirements

Application Deadlines

Students may apply to the PhD in Nursing & Health Science program for the upcoming fall semester.
    • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications received by Jan. 15 will qualify for additional scholarships (outside of SON full tuition coverage and stipend).

Program Duration

Students begin the PhD in Nursing and Health Science program in the fall semester. The program can be completed in as little as four years of full-time study.

Meet the Program Director

Marie Flannery

Marie Flannery, PhD, RN

Director, PhD Program in Nursing & Health Science
Associate Professor of Nursing
"Assuming the position of director of the PhD program is an honor. There is a rich history of doctoral education at the UR School of Nursing dating from 1979, and we are one of the longest established PhD programs in the country." Read more ... 
Customer image
I want my work to have global impact and I knew the University of Rochester had the resources and connections to support that. I wanted to give myself a sandbox. I’m starting with what I know with the House Ballroom community but hopefully it will flourish and branch into something greater.
Martez Smith, LMSW PhD Student
Research focus: HIV prevention within the House Ball Community
Brian Smith
The faculty were willing to work with me to match my research interests. I have a great advisor, and the diversity of faculty interests here are a real benefit to building my own research. I’ve also taken some cognates at the School of Medicine because of its public health focus – it’s really the best of both worlds.
Brian Smith, MSW PhD Student
Research focus: Health care delivery models for mental illness
Customer image
Only with evidence can we identify the best ways to resolve our most complex and prevalent health issues. I love digging for answers. I chose to pursue my PhD at the URSON for its national reputation for a rigorous program in research methodology. What I didn’t expect was the level of career support I would get, even from faculty outside my area. My dreams have become reality here.
Mitchell J. Wharton, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, CNS, Graduate of the PhD Program, 2013
Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing, University of Rochester School of Nursing
Dissertation: Identifying factors that protect HIV sero-negative status in young black men who have sex with men