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Professional Experience
Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing, University of Rochester School of Nursing (Adult Primary Care, Evidence-Based Practice), Rochester, NY, US. 5/2007 - Current

Nurse Practitioner, University of Rochester (Adult Emergency Dept), Rochester, NY, US. 12/2005 - Current

Instructor of Clinical Nursing - Adjunct, University of Rochester School of Nursing (Clinical Nursing), Rochester, NY, US. 7/2003 - 5/2007

Nurse Practitioner, University of Rochester (Adult Primary Care), Rochester, NY, . 2/2005 - 12/2005

Nurse Practitioner, Drs. Diego Cahn-Hidalgo & Catherine Tan (Adult Primary Care), Rochester, NY, US. 6/2003 - 1/2005

Registered Nurse/Nurse Leader, University of Rochester (Adult Medicine/Critical Care), Rochester, NY, . 6/1993 - 6/2003

The Sara and Earnest Taylor Award for Clinical and Theoretical Excellence
University of Rochester School of Nursing, 2003

Best Project IMPACT Presentation
Society of Critical Care Medicine, 2001

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