Susan Blaakman has been a member of the psychiatric nursing faculty at the University of Rochester School of Nursing since 1999. She has taught and advised students at the baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral level, and has been specialty director of the family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program since completing her doctorate in health practice research in 2011.

She is a nationally certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and has acquired vast clinical expertise in psychiatric assessment and diagnosis, crisis intervention, tobacco dependence intervention, high-risk youth behaviors, research with vulnerable populations, motivational interviewing, and health behavior change across the lifespan.

Blaakman has co-authored many publications and was honored with the 2013 Rochester Academy of Medicine Nursing Award for her clinical research. She also serves as a project nurse, motivational interviewing interventionist, and co-investigator in general pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center. A active associate of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, she is a founding member of the ANPA Motivational Interviewing Task Force, and was formerly co-chair of the ANPA Tobacco Dependence Council. She earned a bachelor's degree from the Honors College at SUNY Oswego and bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees from the UR School of Nursing.

Professional Experience
Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing, URSON (Specialty Director Family PMHNP Program), Rochester, NY, US. 4/2011 - Current

Research Project Nurse, URMC General Pediatrics (Pediatric Asthma/Health Behavior), Rochester, NY, US. 8/2006 - Current

Nurse Practitioner TAR, URMC/Community (Psychiatric Mental Health), Rochester, NY, US. 6/2000 - Current

National Research Service Award, URSON (Self Determination Theory and Caregive Smoking Bans for Asthmatic Children), Rochester, NY, US. 4/2009 - 4/2011

Loretta C. Ford Pre-doctoral Fellow, URSON (Health Practice Research), Rochester, NY, US. 9/2006 - 9/2008

Nursing Award
Rochester Academy of Medicine, 2013

Eight & Forty Respiratory Nurses Scholarship
American Legion, 2010

American Nurses Foundation Presidential Scholar Award
American Nurses Association, 2009

Janssen Student Scholar
American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2009

Tobacco Dependence Council Interactive Panel
APNA, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Embracing change: Using the theory of structural empowerment to develop a family psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner curriculum
APNA, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Motivating health behavior change in the school health office
Rochester City School District, 2012
Rochester, New York

Building skills: A workshop designed to help you intervene effectively with your patients who smoke
APNA, 2012
Louisville, Kentucky

Asthma medication adherence among urban teens: Barriers, facilitators, and experiences with school-based care
Strong Children's Research Center, 2012
Rochester, New York

Occupy Well Street: A call for interprofessional action for kids diagnosed with depression
Regional Conference, Sigma Theta Tau Epsilon Xi Chapter, 2012
Rochester, New York

How to go smoke-free
Behavioral Health Teleconference, Smoking Cessation Leadership Center/St. Francis Medical Center, 2012
Lynwood, California

Self-determination theory and caregiver smoking bans for asthmatic
Scientific Symposium, NINR, 2011
Washington, District Of Columbia

Preliminary results of an asthma education and secondhand smoke reduction program to prevent respiratory illness among premature infants
Pediatric Academic Societies, 2011
Denver, Colorado

A pilot study to enhance preventive asthma care among urban adolescents with asthma
Pediatric Academic Societies, 2011
Denver, Colorado

Caregiver characteristics and smoking bans for asthmatic children
State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research, 2010
Washington, District Of Columbia

Self-determination theory and caregiver smoking bans for asthmatic children
Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science, 2009
Washington, District Of Columbia

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